Sunday, August 26, 2012

The SBA and refulgent



Shining brilliantly.

From Latin refulgere (to radiate light, to reflect), from re- (back) + fulgere (to shine).



Sales of small buildings across the U.S have risen this year to the highest since 2008 as buyers take advantage of prices that have yet to rebound from the property crash and increased access to financing.

The sales volume for properties of less than $5 million jumped 41 percent in May from a year earlier to $4 billion, Boxwood Means reported this month. Of the 122 metropolitan areas that the company tracks, 88 posted year-over-year increases. Total volume for the first five months of 2012 was $20.3 billion, the highest for the period since 2008.

Boxwood's sales price indices mirror the diversity of the small-cap CRE market by combining and tracking closed sales among various small commercial property types that range from conventional office, industrial and retail uses and also include secondary property types often associated with owner-users and single tenants such as free-standing buildings, street retail, mixed use, restaurant buildings, commercial condos and more.

A SBA loan is the refulgent option to financing these buildings!



SBA LIBOR Base Rate August 2012 = 3.24%
SBA Fixed Base Rate August 2012 = 3.97%

504 Debenture Rate for August  

The debenture rate is 2.37% but note rate is 2.41% and effective yield is only 4.45%. 



When the Federal Reserve meets, people actually write down what they say.

The minutes of the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee July 31-August 1 meeting show many officials favored pushing the timetable for any increase in record-low short-term rates beyond the Fed's current target of late 2014 at the earliest.
 Some think the target will be extended to mid-2015.  The minutes said Fed officials agreed to defer any action on extending the timetable until their next meeting in September.

So where then are interest rates going?

Eurodollar futures settle at a three- month lending rate that has averaged about 22 basis points more than the Fed's target over the past 10 years.

Here is a summary of what the market expects for Eurodollar futures based upon the pit-traded prices at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange:

DEC12- 0.38
DEC13- 0.48
DEC14- 0.68
DEC15- 1.11
DEC16- 1.70
DEC17- 2.26
DEC18- 2.67
DEC19- 2.95

What does all this mean?

I don’t know.

It would appear that interest rates are never ever going up.


Not only does the Federal Reserve tell us where interest rates are going, they also let us know when we can take a day off.

According to them, here are our remaining holidays for the year:

Labor Day           September 3   
Columbus Day   October 8       
Veterans Day    November 12  
Thanksgiving     November 22  
Christmas Day   December 25

That means we have a three day weekend coming up!

It also means that major league baseball is in its home stretch and Adam Dunn has a month to be refulgent and do what no baseball player has done in 85 years.

Dunn wields his bat like the hammer of Thor and leads all of baseball in home runs, walks, and strikeouts. 

The last player to lead all of baseball with the most home runs, the most walks and the most strikeouts was Babe Ruth in 1927.

Walks, homers and strikeouts are called baseball's three true outcomes.

Three truth outcomes.  That sounds kind of cool and they are the only plays in baseball which no one other than the pitcher and batter go at it.

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